Emergent BioSolutions Awarded Contract to Supply US Military With Anthrax Vaccine

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The US Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded Emergent BioSolutions Inc. with a contract worth up to $235.8 million to supply all branches of the US military with BioThrax (Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed) for use as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for anthrax.1

The deal with the DoD, led by the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense, has a five-year base agreement that runs through September 30, 2028, with an additional five-year option to extend the deal through September 30, 2033.

“As a part of our mission to protect and enhance lives, Emergent is proud to continue supporting and preparing our nation’s service members who have a high risk of exposure to anthrax bacteria by supplying BioThrax vaccine,” Paul Williams, senior vice president, products head at Emergent, said in a press release. “This new contract award is a testament to the importance of Emergent’s medical countermeasures portfolio, and we look forward to delivering on our commitments to the US DoD.”1

Terms of the initial five-year IDIQ contract come with a guaranteed purchase minimum of $20.1 million, with future orders projected to be at least $20 million for each subsequent year, equaling a total award value of up to $235.8 million. The BioThrax vaccine is indicated for active immunization to prevent disease caused by Bacillus anthracis in individuals aged 18 through 65 years.

The gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria occurs naturally in soil and commonly impacts domestic and wild animals worldwide. Anthrax infection can occur via contact with infected animals or contaminated animal products, causing severe illness in humans and animals.2

Infection may occur through breathing in spores, eating or drinking food or water contaminated with spores, or exposure to the spores from a cut or scrape on the skin. After infection, the spores can be activated, before multiplying throughout the body, producing toxins and causing severe illness; however, anthrax infection is very uncommon in the US population.2

BioThrax is approved for PrEP in individuals with a high risk of exposure. The vaccine is also approved for post-exposure prophylaxis following suspected or confirmed exposure to Bacillus anthracis and is administered in combination with recommended antibacterial drugs.1


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