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‘I’m a cruise worker and there are four things we hate that passengers do’ | Travel News | Travel

Going on a cruise is normally a fun and relaxing experience, but there are certain habits of passengers that can really put a damper on things.

Lucy Southerton, a seasoned crew member with nine years’ of experience working on cruise ships, has unveiled some of the top pet peeves shared by her fellow workers. 

With a dedicated following of over 65,000 subscribers on YouTube under the name ‘Cruising as Crew’, Southerton sheds light on behind-the-scenes experiences and offers valuable advice for cruise enthusiasts.

In a recent video, she delved into the annoyances faced by crew members, ranging from messy cabins to unwelcome flirting. 

Here are the four behaviours passengers should avoid to ensure a smoother sailing experience.

1. Messy Cabins: 

According to Southerton, crew members, particularly housekeeping staff and stewardesses, are frustrated by passengers leaving their cabins in disarray. 

She emphasized that their job is to clean and sanitize the cabins, not to tidy up after passengers. 

“It’s crazy to think they’re only on board for five days because of the amount of stuff that’s everywhere,” Southerton remarked. 

She urged passengers to be mindful and respectful of crew members’ responsibilities when staying in cabins.

3. Lack of Manners: 

One of the most common grievances among crew members is the absence of basic manners from some passengers. 

Southerton pointed out the importance of simple courtesies such as saying “please” and “thank you.” 

She recounted instances where passengers would make demands without any form of politeness, highlighting the need for respectful behaviour, especially in a holiday setting.

4. Bragging: 

Lastly, she expressed disdain for passengers who engage in bragging, especially when it involves flaunting wealth in front of those less fortunate. 

She urged passengers to be mindful of their audience and to refrain from boasting, particularly to crew members working tirelessly to support their families. “Brag to people who are on a similar level to you,” Southerton advised, stressing the importance of sensitivity and empathy.

By being conscious of these behaviours, passengers can contribute to a more pleasant and respectful environment onboard cruise ships, fostering positive interactions between passengers and crew members alike.

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