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Indians would trust AI’s prediction for career and listen to chatbots over colleagues: Survey

BENGALURU: Over 2,000 Indians surveyed by a multinational company on the impact and influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in everyday life revealed that 70% of the respondents would trust AI chatbots’ answers over their own colleagues or acquaintances. Moreover, Indians would also follow the recommendation of AI for their “ideal personal career path” that will promise them the most happiness and success.

The survey was conducted in December 2023 and the report that was released on March 13, showed that around 73% Indians admitted that they would believe AI’s prediction over humans in chosing their career paths.

Bosch’s third annual Tech Compass Survey highlighted the growing relevance of AI as a key driver of change the world over. The study was conducted in seven countries including Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, the United Kingdom and the United States. The study aimed to explore global perspectives on emerging technologies, encompassing people’s attitudes, beliefs, expectations, concerns and the country’s preparedness. 

The 35-page report detailed the aspirations and expectations of Indians aged between 18-59 years. A total of 2,163 individuals were polled online on behalf of Robert Bosch GmbH by the market researchers Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung mbH (GIM). The random samples are representative of their respective countries in terms of region, gender and age. 

In India, 80% and 73% globally advocated that the emergence of generative AI is a relevant rise of the internet and 81% of Indian respondents believed that the country is ready for an AI revolution. Interestingly when questions were raised on the safety of these new technologies such as 5G and AI to have a positive impact many raised concerns about the humanoid and service robots impacting jobs.  56% of Indians stressed the need for education to prepare for AI and implement it responsibly.

“The survey reflects India’s increasing acceptance and enthusiasm towards emerging technologies like AI. India is keen on AI-powered solutions across diverse sectors such as sustainability, mobility, manufacturing, and daily life. At Bosch, we recognize the potential of AI and are committed to implementing it responsibly to deliver a safer experience for everyone.” said Guruprasad Mudlapur, President of the Bosch Group in India, and Managing Director, Bosch Limited.

While the global index shows that the best benefits of AI will be in making life more comfortable (49%) in India the study suggested that the emerging technologies will help make their work easier 59% and prompt better work outcomes (54%) which is higher than most Western countries. 

The survey also asked some ‘what if’ questions and Indian respondents stood out when compared to other six countries. 59% of respondents said that they would use AI to write love letters and also watch an AI-generated stand-up comedian.

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