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Most romantic city for a Valentine’s Day date isn’t Paris or Rome | Travel News | Travel

It may seem like Christmas has only just ended, but Valentine’s Day will be here before you have time to say ‘Cupid’.

One popular way to celebrate the day dedicated to love is to jet off on a romantic getaway with your partner.

But what actually makes a city romantic? Well, a new report from global e-commerce platform Ubuy has revealed the 10 cities in Europe with the most romantic activities for couples.

To compile their list, Ubuy calculated how many fine dining restaurants, five star hotels and romantic tours were listed for each city on Tripadvisor.

Faizan Khan at Ubuy said: “A perfect Valentine’s Day will mean different things to different people, of course. But we feel that you can’t go wrong with a romantic tour, a table for two, and a stay in an upmarket hotel! 

“Our research shows that while Europe’s capitals are full of lovely things to do, one city came out on top with the highest number of activities for couples – London.”

1. London – total score: 1,505

London takes the crown as the most romantic city for couples this Valentine’s Day, largely due to the high number of fine dining restaurants in the city – 1,361.

The UK’s capital city also has just shy of 150 hotels rated five stars on Tripadvisor, whilst there are six romantic tours also listed on Tripadvisor for couples to enjoy.

2. Paris – total score: 1,440

It will come as no surprise that Paris is near the top of the list, however the only slight shock is that it hasn’t clinched first place. Widely regarded as one of the world’s most romantic cities, the French capital is narrowly behind London.

Paris is home to a whopping 60 romantic tours listed on Tripadvisor, with 1,275 fine dining restaurants and over 100 hotels rated five stars.

3. Rome – total score: 916

Another city synonymous with love, the capital of Italy, Rome, is the third most romantic destination to spend Valentine’s Day in this year – in fact, St Valentine himself lived in the city.

According to Tripadvisor there are 26 romantic tours operating in Rome, and there are 840 fine dining restaurants and 50 hotels rated five stars.

4. Madrid – total score: 825

Spain’s capital city, Madrid, is the fourth highest scoring city for romance. It has 790 fine dining restaurants for couples to enjoy a romantic dinner together, whilst being home to 33 hotels rated five stars and two romantic tour options.

5. Lisbon – total score: 818

Following closely behind in fifth place is the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. A beautiful city to explore, there are 43 five star hotels and 775 fine dining restaurants according to Tripadvisor.

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