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Product Review – Left high and dry

There was a time when lip liners were in fashion. Then with glossy lipsticks claiming the day, people forgot all about lip liners. I recently tried the Matte Lip Liner Smacker with Smudge Proof Formula from Recode. And I was really disappointed.

The product boasts jojoba oil, but the end result is far from hydrating. It completely dried out my lips and turned it flaky in an hour. One could literally see the dehydrated sections, let alone feel it.

Within an hour of wearing it, there were cracks on the lips and the colour looked as if it was sitting atop the lips devoid of any hydration. Another major disadvantage is that the colour on the packaging doesn’t match with the product’s tone once you apply it.

Chances are that if you are looking for a lighter hue, you would end up with something that is a few shades darker. Also, if you have sensitive skin, I would advise steering clear of this product.

Recode’s Matte Lip Liner Smacker with Smudge Proof Formula

Price: Rs 495

Available: Online & Retail

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