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Reviewers Say This Travel Backpack Works Like A Suitcase

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The dance between airline carriers and their passengers’ luggage has long been a delicate one. There’s nothing like waltzing up to the check-in counter with a bag that you’ve painstakingly packed to be sub-weight-limit only to find out that it’s not — and getting it to your destination will be an extra $75, please and thank you. Or to arrive at the boarding of a budget airline with your “carry-on” to be confronted with that stingy little box with clearly marked measurements that are sure to fall short of what you planned to bring on the plane.

Frequent fliers have therefore become well accustomed to stuffing as much as possible into as few square inches or liters as physics will allow — and when a bag comes along that appears to offer that Mary Poppins-like ability to stash a shocking amount of stuff, it’s worth noting. And when the bag in question is 20% off for a limited time? Everyone needs to know about it.

Target’s Open Story brand is known for its stylish and genuinely functional travel accessories — we’ve previously written up fan favorites like this suspiciously Away-like hardshell suitcase and the brand’s no-brainer, just-buy-it luggage scale that will save anyone from the aforementioned overweight baggage fees. This generously-sized backpack appears to be the next installment in this march of well-designed essentials, and it has a stunning number of long-winded five-star reviews testifying to its supreme functionality. Overall, it’s earned a 4.7-star reviews across 90 reviews (with 73 of them clocking in at five stars).

The 35-liter capacity bag has a clamshell closure, which opens completely flat, and one exterior zip pocket that opens to reveal a series of slip pockets for small essentials like passports, reading material and the like. The interior reveals two zipper-protected sides that are equipped with every conceivable shape of compartment for keeping clothing, toiletries and more organized with scientific precision, and the rear laptop sleeve holds a machine measuring up to 17 inches. One reviewer below described using packing cubes, but given the bag’s internal structure, we’re not even really sure that’s necessary. The whole shebang can be compressed shut with the help of adjustable exterior closures, and in addition to the padded backpack straps, there’s a side carrying handles and a luggage slip for use with handled rolling luggage.

Not every review is stellar, and some of the poorer reviews offer perspective on the bag’s size, which, at 19.25 inches tall, 13 inches wide and 8 inches deep, is perhaps a hair larger than, say, a traditional banker’s box. For some reviewers, the heft was too much — but this population pales in comparison to the number of customers who happily embraced the bag’s girth and stuffed it full of everything they’d need for trips up to three weeks long (in the instance of the reviewer below who brought it on a solo trip to Italy).

Enough from me, though — take a look at what some of the most informative reviews had to say (it was hard to narrow down) or just scroll all the way to get this magical bag in time for your next trip.

Took this as my sole bag for two weeks in Europe and it held out amazing. Fits neatly under the seat in front of me in my flight and holds a ridiculous amount of stuff. Very sturdy zippers and seams. A little uncomfortably on the shoulders when loaded heavy but manageable.” — Lg

I used this item as a personal item on a Spirit flight. I was a little nervous it would be too big, but I didn’t have any problems! I tried not to overstuff, but of course still did. The straps to condense it smaller definitely helped. I have used it a few times since for weekend trips. All of the different pockets and compartments make it perfect for any small trip.” — Jayme

“This worked great for my long flight! I was able to bring some clothes and all my things that I needed for my long flight. The computer pocket and small pocket were great for easy and quick access. I wanted the make of a suitcase in a backpack form and this is it.” — RebF

Single Greatest Luggage Purchase. Size is perfect for avoiding carry-on fees for air travel. So many well designed, convenient and supported compartments. Wears like a backpack, stores like a suitcase! Chef’s kiss!” — LFTravels

I used this for a trip to Europe and it was great! I used compression packing cubes and it held a ton! I love that it still has a protected spot for my laptop and easy-access pockets. It held up really well!” — skb324

If you fly Spirit or Frontier then this is definitely a must-buy. I used it for the first time on a Frontier flight last week and just as I expected, I was stopped during the boarding process (along with like 5 other people) because I didn’t pay the extra fee to bring a carry-on bag. Luckily, I was able to squish it down, tighten the straps on the side, and unclip the shoulder straps to make it fit in the little metal bin. At that moment I said to myself “I have to give this thing a 5-star review,” so here I am. Now I’m buying one for my dad and my brother.” — Mia

I needed a backpack for a 3-week solo trip to Italy and this was amazing. It was so sturdy and held up with all of the travel. It carried so much and the different compartments are super convenient. I love how it opens fully. It was very comfotable to wear and walk around with. I’ve used this bag several times since my trip and it has not disappointed. The ONLY negative thing I can think of is the zipper handles didn’t have a hole thick enough to use miniature locks (for safety while traveling). So we had to use a little creativity to make sure I could “lock” the zippers. That’s literally my only complaint though. I recommend this bag all the time.” — kbskate

“Purchased for my bf last minute as he was flying to Vegas for a bachelor party. He didn’t purchase a carry on nor a checked bag and just planned on using a backpack. After packing all of his things I realized it would not fit so I quickly purchased this for pickup! It was awesome! The bag fit everything he needed for 4 days worth of things. He’s also a BIG guy so his things take up a lot of room. All and all it was prefect and spirit airlines had no issues” — Kat

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