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The beautiful little village in the Cotswolds that looks frozen in time | Travel News | Travel

The UK is known worldwide for its rich history, some of which can still be seen.

In certain locations homes, churches and other buildings dating back hundreds of years are still used.

Depending on where exactly you are it can therefore be easy to imagine you have gone back to another time period.

This is certainly true of Ebrington, a small but “charming” village in the Cotswolds where its narrow lanes are lined with quaint, thatched cottages.

Around an hour away from Glouceter, as well as Birmingham and Oxford, Ebrington is definitely the place to go if you want an escape from busy, modern life.

Perhaps most astonishing about Ebrington is the fact it is home to only around 600 residents, making it feel especially “secluded”.

And if encountering any residents you may learn that they actually have their own name for their home.

To locals, Ebrington is referred to fondly as either Yabberton or Yubberton.

Discover Cotswolds explains more about the unique place.

“Located approximately halfway between Charingworth Manor and the ever popular, and world famous, market town of Chipping Campden, this quiet, charming village is well worth a visit,” it says.

“In fact, it is within easy walking distance of both of the above locations but benefits from a far more relaxed, secluded feel than its glamorous neighbour.”

What really gives Ebrington the feeling of yesteryear is the number of thatched cottages, which are less common in other parts of England, found there.

Discover Cotswolds continues: “Ebrington, (or Yubberton as it’s known locally) has the feel of a stereotypical Cotswolds village, with narrow windy lanes and ‘chocolate box’ thatched cottages, lending themselves to the feeling that you may have inadvertently travelled back in time en route to the village.

“Parts of the village church of St Eadburgha date back to the 13th century.

“The church features numerous monuments to the Fortescue family, owners of Ebrington Manor, which itself has a history dating back to the 14th century.”

Being an English village, of course Ebrington has its own pub.

The Ebrington Arms, which is the village’s only public house, has served local customers for more than 300 years.

And in recent years this pub has won numerous awards for its food.

“Visitors flock here from far and wide to sample the cuisine and stay in the rooms above the pub,” Discover Cotswolds adds.

So why not put this extraordinary village on your list of places to visit next?

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