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£70 suitcase is so similar to Antler’s ‘best selling’ luggage – but 70% cheaper | Travel News | Travel

The Clifton suitcase range is one of luggage brand Antler’s “best-selling” items, according to the brand, but if you’re on the hunt for an affordable suitcase for your travels, it might not be the cheapest item out there. However, if you’re looking for a bag which looks similar and offers lots of the same benefits, then Amazon has a far more purse-friendly alternative.

The Clifton Cabin bag with pocket has been applauded specifically for the front compartment which has been designed to store laptops and iPads, but coming in at £220 it might be a little out of budget if you’re after an affordable item for your next holiday. Luckily, Amazon has an alternative which also boasts a similar front pocket for a cut of the price.

The Treva Carry-on Case on Amazon retails for £69.99 which is a whopping saving of 70 percent when compared to the Antler version.

The hard shell suitcase is made from durable ABS thermoplastic polymer “offering excellent protection for your belongings” and is also waterproof.

It also comes with four 360-degree spinner wheels for easy transport whether you’re running for a train or strolling through the airport.

With an expandable front section, travellers have the convenience of increasing the suitcase’s capacity by up to 15 percent – perfect for packing in any souvenirs you pick up on your travels. However, perhaps the key component of the Treva suitcase is the front laptop compartment, which is extremely similar to that on offer from Antler.

The compartment has been “specifically designed to hold your laptop” and allows for easy organisation and speedy removal of any electronics when going through airport security.

Much like the Antler version, the suitcase also comes in an array of colours including black, white, red and forest green.

Measuring 53 x 35 x 25cm, the bag can be used as carry-on luggage for British Airways, Jet2, and TUI, and can also be taken as a large cabin bag onboard easyJet and travelling with a Priority ticket on Ryanair flights.

If you aren’t sure how much luggage you are permitted on your next flight you can learn all about luggage allowances for the likes of Jet2, BA, easyJet and Ryanair below:

Customers who have previously purchased the Treva Carry-on Case have given it a score of four out of a possible five stars. According to Amazon, based on customer reviews: “Customers like the quality, compartments, appearance, weight and size of the suitcase. They mention that it’s sturdy construction, has a dedicated laptop compartment, has loads of room inside and that it’s perfect for overhead compartments.”

One shopper described the Treva case as an “amazing suitcase that does the job.” They added: “The size fits for a traditional airline and it performs very well with the needs like go through security and keeping the weight light and being able to expandable is just a bonus.” [SIC]

You can purchase the Antler Clifton Cabin bag with pocket for £220 from the Antler website here or you can purchase the Treva Carry-on Case with compartment for £69.99 from Amazon here

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