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A gorgeous European city is one of the best destinations for British expats | Travel News | Travel

Spain is usually top of the list for Britons looking to live abroad as an expat. But it might not be the best choice in 2024, according to a ranking from the expert team at ECA.

A Swiss city topped the list while another gorgeous destination in Switzerland took third place in the ranking. Geneva was named the third best destination for British expats in 2024.

The city scored well on air pollution, crime levels, health facilities and other important lifestyle factors such as social networks.

Geneva sits on the shores of Lake Geneva, surrounded by the Alps and close to the country’s border with France.

As the headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross are based there, the city is an important global hub with many banks also located there.

So what’s it like to live in Geneva?

Expats will have easy access to nature with skiing, mountain biking and hiking just a short drive from the city. The lake is also a beautiful place to relax in summer.

Due to its global importance, the city also has some fantastic transport links with a busy international airport just 4km outside the centre. It’s also well-connected to central Europe by train.

The expat experts at InterNations describe the city’s transport links as “excellent” while Geneva’s public transport network is extensive.

However, life in Geneva doesn’t come cheap. An InterNations spokesperson said: “Living in Geneva can be considered a luxury in every sense of the word.”

The city’s residents might enjoy a good quality of life but that comes at a price. It’s one of the world’s most expensive cities and tourists will find drinks, food and activities cost more than in the UK.

According to Numbeo, the price of a domestic beer in Geneva is £7.26 while a cappuccino costs over £4 on average.

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