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Amama launches a new range of handbags that is as useful as it is fashionable

At a time when handbags are shrinking to the size of postage stamps, Nikita Gupta, the founder of Delhi-based jewellery brand Amama, is reclaiming their lost functionality. Fueled by feedback on the previous collection—the lack of adequate space for phones—she worked on a new line to create designs that were functional yet stylish. “Customer inputs are a necessity. They’re who we design for. It’s imperative to hear them out and give them what they want,” says Gupta.

Called The Bag Edit, the line features trendy pieces suitable for all occasions, be it a brunch date, resort wear or a dazzling night out. “We have reused and re-modelled elements from our previous collections such as rhinestones, faceted beads, crystals and, of course, macramé and crochet as an ode to my amma (grandmother), the inspiration behind the brand,” she says, adding, “The choice of colours such as light gold, gunmetal, silver, rainbow, chrome, black and pink are neutral yet edgy. They go with different looks without overpowering the outfit. Plus, they are lightweight, and come with the right amount of bling.”

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