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British tourists warned to stop annoying common flight behaviour ‌ | Travel News | Travel

Catching a flight isn’t often a very pleasant experience. The seats are uncomfortable, there might be turbulence and the cabin could smell.

But unfortunately, it’s often fellow passengers who make a flight uncomfortable. Whether they’re taking up your legroom, bringing stinky food abroad or being unnecessarily loud, it’s not always fun flying with other people.

Travel expert at dealchecker, Rosie Panter, has shared her top tips for good plane etiquette to help Britons avoid being an annoying passenger.

She said: “A round of applause. Two words. No and no. If you have had a particularly rocky flight and difficult landing, maybe a slight clap, or thanks to the pilot as you leave, but no regular flight to the Med should result in clapping. Let’s leave that in the past.”

While clapping on the plane isn’t hugely common, it has become more popular in recent years.

Another etiquette expert recently warned passengers to stop clapping when the plane lands as she said the pilot might consider it rude.

Jo Bryant said: “Applause is not necessary after a landing and is rude to the pilots. If the landing is good, clapping suggests surprise at such skill. If the landing is bad, applause would be insultingly sarcastic.”

Rosie also warned passengers to stop standing up as soon as the plane touches down at the airport.

She said: “We’ve all done it when in a hurry but standing as soon as the plane touches the tarmac will not speed up your exit time in the slightest.

“The crew need time to safely prepare for disembarking and opening the doors. And even then, those closest to the doors will get to leave first, so save yourself from looking like a melon and wait your turn.”

It might be tempting to stand up and get ready to leave as soon as the plane lands but it won’t help passengers leave any more quickly.

If passengers are concerned about catching a connecting flight, they should speak to the flight attendants during the flight.

The cabin crew may be able to ensure those passengers get to leave the plane first so they can catch their next flight.

It’s a good idea to book a seat towards the front of the plane if you like to be off as soon as the doors open.

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