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British tourists warned to stop common holiday behaviour that’s a red flag | Travel News | Travel

Have you ever had a holiday ruined by another tourist? According to research from Ocean Florida, one in five people have had a falling out on holiday.

The team asked 2,000 holidaymakers for their biggest travel red flag to find out which behaviour is the most irritating.

According to the research, being rude to staff is the biggest holiday red flag with 73 percent of people considering this behaviour annoying.

Getting drunk for the majority of a holiday was the second biggest red flag with more than half of holidaymakers getting annoyed with fellow travellers who go too hard on the drink.

Listening to music out loud was a pain for half of British tourists while talking too loudly on the phone was also slammed.

Georgina Stumer, a registered counsellor, said: “The things that we often ignore, or find endearing about each other, can sometimes feel more intense or annoying when we are on holiday together,” meaning it can be easier to notice red flags that might rub you the wrong way.

“A ‘red flag’ is more than just a one-off misstep. It’s a sign that something isn’t quite right in how we feel about this person.

“In everyday life, it’s easy to brush off these ‘red flags’. But on holiday, we spend much more time with each other, and we might start noticing them more frequently.”

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