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Cruise passengers issued buffet warning to avoid certain type of food | Cruise | Travel

Cruise passengers often choose to eat at the buffet restaurant on a cruise ship as it’s usually included in the price of the holiday.

However, the travel experts at Omio have warned passengers to avoid a certain type of food that’s usually found on a buffet.

Seasickness can ruin a cruise holiday but the experts said being careful about what you eat, could help avoid the illness.

A spokesperson said: “During your cruise, the foods you eat will have an impact on the level of motion sickness you feel.

“Heavy, oily or spicy meals are ones to avoid as these can add to any nausea you might be experiencing.”

As tempting as a plate of spicy curry might be, it could worsen any symptoms of seasickness.

The expert added: “Instead, try eating bland snacks such as crackers, nuts and bread in small portions throughout the day, to ensure that there is always something in your stomach.

“Your nausea may make you feel like you don’t want to eat, however, having some food in your stomach is far better than not, as the latter can cause you to feel even more nauseous.”

Luckily, a cruise ship buffet usually has a huge range of options so guests can find a meal that suits them.

The expert also advised passengers to steer clear of alcohol while onboard. They said: “When on a cruise, you’ll want to avoid alcohol where you can.

“Alcohol can add to the nauseous feeling that comes with seasickness, so it will only make you feel worse.

“Not only this, but alcohol speeds up the rate in which you become dehydrated, which in turn lowers your body’s resistance to the effects of the boat’s motion.”

Cruise fans have had plenty to be excited about recently with the launch of Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, the Icon of the Seas.

The mammoth vessel is the world’s largest cruise ship and will start cruising from Miami this January.

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