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Cruise ship guests can beat the crowds on their first day by following tip | Cruise | Travel

One of the biggest benefits of taking a holiday on a cruise ship is how convenient it can be, with everything a tourist could need being on board with them.

However, it is still incredibly easy for passengers to miss out on some of the best features of a ship, often because they do not take advantage of them on the quietest day on board: embarkation day.

With a little bit of research and know-how, tourists can make the most of their first few hours on board and beat the crowds.

First, when passengers are packing their bags, they should remember to pack any essentials they may need for their first few hours on board in their hand luggage. Typically, tourists will need to drop their suitcases off before boarding the ship, with some cases taking hours to arrive at their cabin.

As a result, it is important that any medicine, toiletries and entertainment goes into the carry-on bag. Wise tourists can also outsmart the majority of other guests on board by packing some swimwear and a towel, giving them a headstart in the swimming pool or hot tubs!

One of the most important things that all passengers must do during their first day on a cruise ship is undergo a muster drill, a safety training session which states what they should do in the event of an emergency.

However, since the Covid pandemic put a stop to public gatherings, many cruise companies have introduced ways that passengers can do the drill on their phone, often before they arrive.

Whilst everyone will still need to check in with a member of staff at their allocated muster station, the point they should go to for assistance, checking if safety training can be done online could save guests precious minutes stuck in their cabin at the start of the holiday.

After spending several hours travelling to the port and embarking on the ship, it is no surprise that many tourists will head to the buffet during their first few hours on board, making it incredibly busy.

To steer clear of the crowds, guests should see what else is open on the first day, with many ships serving lunch in a more formal restaurant, which can offer a far more relaxed atmosphere.

Taking a stroll around the ship, or inspecting a deck plan can help travellers take advantage of any other hidden gems hours, if not days, before other passengers discover them.

Finally, it is important that tourists take the opportunity to meet their stateroom attendant, the person who will be cleaning their cabin at least once per day.

Typically, embarkation day is one of the busiest parts of a cruise, with each member of staff needing to give each cabin a deep clean before the new guests arrive. However, saying hello and showing appreciation can help them to stay calm and upbeat.

Tourists should also let their stateroom attendants know about any special requirements they have on this first day, such as extra towels or pillows, so they have plenty of time to prepare.

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