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Everything You Need to Know about Instagram Threads in 2024

Instagram Threads is rapidly reshaping the landscape of social media interaction. This innovative app, essentially Instagram’s answer to Twitter, has captivated a massive audience, attracting over 100 million users in its debut week alone.

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But what sets Threads apart, and how is it different from other popular social media platforms?

In this article, we delve deep into the world of Instagram Threads. From its unique features to its potential impact on the way we connect online, we’re unpacking everything you need to know about this popular app. 

Whether you’re already crafting your communication strategy for 2024 or just beginning to explore, now is the perfect time to dive into the nuances of Threads. 

Get ready to start “threading”!

What is Instagram threads? 

First things first, what is threads by Instagram? 

The best way I can describe it is it’s a lot like Twitter. It’s a text-based conversation app that allows users to start their own conversations and join others talking about topics they’re interested in.  

Joining threads allows you to browse conversations started by people you follow, as well as engage with suggested content fed to you by the Threads algorithm. 

For each ‘thread’ you post there’s a 500 character limit and you also have the ability to add photos, video and links. 

When did Instagram threads come out? 

The Instagram threads app (as we know it today) was officially launched on the 5th July 2023. 

However, there was an earlier version of Instagram threads in 2019, which was designed for Instagram users to share content with close friends only. 

That feature has now been replaced entirely by the new Instagram Threads app. 

What should you post on Instagram threads? 

Unlike posting Instagram stories, Reels, or captions, posting on threads involves a blend of strategic content and engagement tactics that cater to its unique, fast-paced, and conversational nature. 

Here are some ideas for what to post on Instagram Threads:

  • Industry News and Trends: Share relevant news, trends, and updates from your industry. This positions you as a knowledgeable source in your field.
  • Personal Insights and Commentary: Offer your perspective on current events or topics within your industry. Personal insights can help humanize your brand and connect with your audience.
  • Engaging Questions and Polls: Encourage interaction by asking questions or creating polls. This can lead to greater engagement and valuable insights into your audience’s preferences.
  • High-Quality Visuals and Videos: Threads with images and videos tend to get more engagement. Share visuals that are interesting, relevant, and high-quality.
  • Promotions and Announcements: Use Threads to announce new products, services, or upcoming events. Thread’s real-time nature makes it ideal for timely announcements.
  • User-Generated Content and Testimonials: Share content created by your customers or clients, such as testimonials or how they use your product. This can enhance credibility and relatability.
  • Interactive Content: Engage in trending hashtags, or challenges relevant to your industry or interests. This can increase your visibility and help you reach new audiences.
  • Links to Blog Posts or Articles: Share links to your blog posts, articles, or other valuable content. This can drive traffic to your website while providing value to your followers.
  • Humor and Relatable Posts: If appropriate for your brand, humor can be a great way to engage. Light-hearted, relatable threads can make your brand more approachable.
  • Reposts and Replies: Engage with others’ content. Resharing relevant posts and replying to threads is essential for building community and relationships.

Remember, the key to success on Threads is to maintain a consistent presence, engage actively with your audience, and adapt your content to the short and snappy format that characterizes the platform.

Should I create a business account on threads?

For influencers, joining Threads is a wise decision. Your career relies heavily on social media presence. Likewise, if social media is a key source for acquiring new clients and sustaining current business relationships, then it definitely makes sense to jump on the Threads bandwagon.  

Do you have to have an Instagram account for threads? 

At the time of writing, yes you are required to have an Instagram account in order to access threads. According to Instagram, you can create one profile on Threads for every Instagram account you have. 

So if you had both a personal Instagram as well as a business account, you could create two separate threads accounts for each respective Instagram profile.   

Is there an Instagram threads app?

There sure is! You can download the Instagram threads app through Google Play Store or the Apple Play Store. 

If you already have the Instagram app installed on your phone you should be able to click your username on the Threads app to easily login and start threading, no need to create a separate account.   

Can you use threads without Instagram?

If you’re wanting to use Threads without an Instagram account, unfortunately you’re out of luck (at least for right now). 

To access Threads, signing up with an existing Instagram account is necessary, and once done, your Threads profile will remain linked to your Instagram profile.

Can you delete threads without deleting instagram?

When the app was first launched last year, one of the key criticisms to Instagram threads was the fact that once you created an account – there was no going back. If you wanted to delete threads down the track, you would also be deleting your Instagram profile. 

This made a lot of people hesitant to try the app out. However at the end of November 2023 Instagram decided to change their rules and allow users to delete threads without deleting their Instagram. 

If you want to delete your account, begin by clicking the Menu button on your Profile, then navigate to Account > Deactivate or Delete Profile. Select the Delete option, and then re-enter your password to verify your decision. Click on ‘Delete Threads Profile’ and allow Threads some time to process the request. Be aware that this action will permanently remove all your Threads posts, profile information, and user data from Meta’s servers after a 30-day period. If you change your mind within these 30 days, you can cancel the deletion process by simply logging back into your account.

Is there a separate threads and instagram app website?

Yes, you can access both threads and instagram via web browser now. You can use any web browser and navigate to to use the platform. You will be able to look at posts, interact with them, and post your own threads.

You can also open threads through Instagram via a web browser as well. It will automatically open threads in a separate window. 

What does the threads number mean on instagram?

The number following the ‘#’ symbol indicates your position among the total number of users who have signed up for Threads – essentially, it tells you how many people joined before you. 

Along with this, there’s a brief note informing users that this badge is a “temporary” feature, designed to inform your followers about your presence on Threads. Additionally, it serves as a link to your Threads profile, accessible to others who are also on Threads.

How do you remove threads from your instagram profile?

If you want to disconnect your Instagram profile from Threads, begin by removing the Threads number badge from your Instagram profile. 

To do this, open your Instagram profile, select the Threads number badge located beneath your username, and then choose ‘Hide Badge’ from the menu that appears. 

Then select ‘Remove Badge’ from the next menu, which will permanently delete the Threads badge from your Instagram profile.

How do you follow all your instagram followers on threads?

Once you link your Instagram account to Threads, a list showing all the people and brands you follow on Instagram will appear. 

Threads provides the option to either selectively follow people from this list or use a button located at the bottom of the screen to follow all your Instagram connections in one go. Should any of your Instagram friends not be on Threads yet, your follow requests will remain pending until they join the platform.

Can you buy threads followers? 

Yes you can buy threads followers! We recommend UseViral for buying Threads followers because it has a reputation for providing high-quality and authentic followers.

Final thoughts

As we move into 2024, Instagram Threads is becoming really important for influencers and businesses alike. 

It’s great for sharing updates quickly, having conversations, and letting users create their own content. The app makes it easy to link to your profile and connect with your Instagram followers, which is super helpful for growing your online presence. 

Using Instagram Threads, with all its different features, is a smart way to get noticed and succeed in the fast-changing world of online communication and networking. 

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