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Expert shares products to make flying in economy class comfortable | Travel News | Travel

A flight expert has taken to TikTok to give tourists a number of tips that can make long-haul flights in economy class more comfortable and enjoyable.

Junie runs the TikTok page and regularly posts short videos showing hacks that can be done around the home and occasional travel tips.

In a popular video, Junie showcases some of the best travel accessories she has found that can make long-haul flights less miserable, including a handy footrest.

She advised: “First is an aeroplane seat footrest hammock. Whilst it didn’t make a difference to my 13-hour flight to Korea, it keeps your feet in a comfortable position and it is a flat surface so your feet won’t be bunched together.

“It has an adjustable strap to accommodate different heights and you won’t have any issues when you open up the tray.”

In the video, Jeanie hung the hammock from the bracket of the tray table, so that she was able to rest her feet more comfortably.

She noted that people of all heights can effectively use the hammock by adjusting the straps on the sides, and it can be folded and easily stored in hand luggage.

Whilst prices vary depending on the quality of the footrest hammock, they are often affordable, ranging from £5 to £20.

Later in the video, Jeanie also recommended getting a tray table cover, which can make flying somewhat more hygienic and improve storage space on board.

She continued: “Second is this aeroplane tray table cover. I will not fly on another plane without this thing. I hate that little seat pocket that stores the emergency guide pamphlet and magazines, you can never fit a water bottle in that thing and your phone falls all the way deep into the pocket.

“This [cover] holds all of my necessities during the flight so that I don’t have to bend and break my back trying to get something I need.”

Finally, Jeanie suggested that travellers should look into buying a Bluetooth headphone adapter that can be used with the in-flight entertainment system and a phone holder.

She added: “Third is this Airflight Pro Bluetooth transmitter. You can now seamlessly use your wireless headphones and earphones for in-flight entertainment.

“And finally is this universal travel phone holder. If you’re not impressed with the selection of in-flight entertainment that the plane has to offer, you can clamp this phone holder on the top of the tray table and watch your favourite shows you have downloaded.”

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