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Expert shares the exact day to book your summer holiday to save hundreds | Travel News | Travel

Looking to go away this summer? Are you more after a city break or relaxing on a beach with the kids?

While we know how expensive it can be travel to away as a family during the summer holidays experts have shared their money-saving tips to get you ahead before your trip away.

Karen Williams, a travel expert at Eurocamp has shared how to make your money go further this year.

Even better it is pretty simple to follow and it is all to do with the three Ms – mid-week, mates and motorways.


Despite, many flight prices rising on Saturdays and Sundays you should try travelling mid-week if you want to bag some serious savings.

Williams said: “There are lots of holiday providers which don’t have fixed departure or arrival days, so you can have complete flexibility over your travel dates.”

The travel pro also advised not restricting yourself to traditional holiday durations such as a week, 10 days or a fortnight.

She added: “Have a play around with the length of your trip by a few nights either way and if you’re flying, choose a duration that allows you to get the best flight prices.”

Swap the plane for a train

It’s no wonder family trips away can rack up a serious bill especially when paying for flights to Europe. However, it may not come as a surprise that travellers are looking for alternatives to flying.

Williams said: “Whether it is putting the family in the car and hitting the motorways for a cross-country road trip, or opting for rail travel, looking for different modes of transport can get you some serious savings.”

Let’s not forget it is better than sitting and waiting around in a busy airport.

Williams continued: “With a return car journey to France oftentimes costing less than a flight and great deals to be had, looking for alternatives is a no-brainer.”

Go with friends or family

“A great tip is to split the cost of your accommodation with your mates or nearest and dearest as this can save you a fortune,” Williams advised.

“Holiday homes are perfect for this, allowing you to book accommodation for a fixed price, not per person,” she added.

There are plenty of accommodation options available with flexibility in the number of bedrooms and outdoor living space.

Think about your dates

If you want your money to go further then you might want to think about being flexible with your dates. The travel expert said: “Looking at earlier or later in the season can help to keep costs down.

“For those travelling with children, look for the latter weeks of the school holidays running up to September which tend to be cheaper than the main part of the school holidays.”

Meanwhile, she recommends those who are child-free have more flexibility and look at any time in June, as well as early September when the kids are back at school.

Williams suggested: “When travelling during these months, think carefully about the destinations. If you’re looking for sunshine, southern Europe is slightly hotter than more northern regions so you can enjoy the beautiful outdoors even during off-peak months.”

Ditch the all-inclusive price tag

Self-catered accommodations can help you secure big savings it seems instead of opting to eat out every time.

Williams said: “You don’t need to go out to enjoy a good, filling meal and instead taste some local delicacies from the comfort of your own holiday home. You can even pack and bring your own food to your holiday home to ensure that the kids have all their favourite snacks.”

Something you might want to bear in mind is to create a food budget and stick to it.

She added: “At the start of your holiday, do a single shopping trip to a big supermarket to get all of your food for dinners and snacks, and allocate a budget for those special occasion meals out.”

Book as early as possible

No matter where or when you choose to book your holiday (or how you get there), it’s always a good idea to book as early as you can.

And it seems like the best prices and deals to be had are usually when they are first released.

The travel pro recommended: “For the super organised, many travel providers will be bringing out their 2024 holidays over the coming months, so keeping an eye out for these can also help you save for next year too.”

Search for discounts

Finally, look around for the best deals for you and your family by signing up for mailing alerts from holiday providers. This way you can keep up to date on the latest offers.

Williams said that “many companies now include an ‘offers’ tab on their websites, so have a look through there and you might find some gems – but make sure to check regularly as there are often limited times on discounts.”

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