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Flight attendant swears by suitcase that will ‘last a really long time’ | Travel News | Travel

Whether you’re a frequent flier or you’re just hoping to invest in one good suitcase to last you for years to come, it can be hard to know which brand gives you the most for your money. However, there is one brand which has been recommended by flight attendants and pilots alike and is even recommended by several airlines for their staff to use.

The recommendation first caught our attention in a TikTok video posted by American flight attendant Sharmy, who shared travel insider tips and stories on her page @S.harmyy. “Most importantly our luggage is considered a part of our uniform. It is highly regulated by airlines, everything from size to colour down to the colour the zippers can be,” she explained.

“For some airlines they even regulate the make of suitcase that you can use, meaning some will say you can only use Travel Pro everything – suitcase, lunch box, tote.”

According to the cabin crew member, its the quality of Travel Pro’s products that make them such a must-have item for professional travellers.

“But in addition to our luggage being a part of our appearance guidelines, travel pro is actually just really good quality stuff,” she continued.

“As someone who decided not to buy the Travel Pro suitcase when I was in airline training, I went through a suitcase every two months.

“In this job, we beat suitcases down. We cannot use the same suitcases as the casual traveller who is going to Disney once a year. You will be dragging 50 pounds of your stuff through the airport with a broken wheel or a broken handle. Travel Pro just is made well and lasts a really long time.”

There is a good reason as to why so many airline insiders approve of the suitcase brand. Travel Pro was designed more than 30 years ago by airline pilot Bob Plath, who knew firsthand how difficult it was to get a sturdy suitcase that was easy to carry and ultimately one that would last a long time.

Since then, the brand has gone on to make all shapes and sizes of bags – from those ideal for hand luggage to checked bags in a variety of dimensions. Reviewing the brand on the Travel Pro website, a New York-based pilot said: “Travelpro Rollaboards really hold up. Built to see the daily travel grind of an airline crew. Lightweight but not light on strength or durability.”

Another crew member added: “Travelpro was recommended to me by a Delta pilot. He said they are well built, I figured a pilot would know best. He was right.”

The suitcase is also recommended by holidaymakers too. Reviewing the Travelpro Maxlite five-soft side Lightweight suitcase on Amazon, one customer said: “Just finished a three-week bus tour of Europe, it stood up to all the loading and unloading and overpacking. The zippers, wheels and handles operate like new. Highly recommended.” [SIC]

Though many of the suitcases and accessories are made with professionals in mind, the price point is easily attained by passengers who want to invest in their luggage.

However, pricing does depend on the model and size of the suitcase you are looking for. But luckily, there are a number of Travelpro suitcases on sale right now on the Travelpro website. You can also get a Travelpro suitcase on Amazon from £113.

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