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Flight attendant urges passengers to ‘never’ eat in-flight meal on long-haul | Travel News | Travel

A flight steward has advised aeroplane passengers not to eat the mid-flight food on long-haul journeys for one key reason. People might think of the in-flight meal as a highlight while flying high above the clouds, but this tip could help you sleep better.

Rather than striking up a conversation with the person next to you or watching shows on a small screen, an exciting anticipation is hearing the lunch cart rumbling down the aisle.

Flight attendant Kris Major has gained a wealth of knowledge during his twenty-year career. Despite feeling the pull towards accepting the in-flight meal, it may be best to decline and concentrate on sleep.

This could be key in feeling energetic upon arrival at your destination. He highlighted that experienced travellers tend to fall asleep shortly after taking off.

In a 2021 interview with CNN Travel, Kris noted: “The seasoned travellers, after take off you go down the cabin and you can see that they’re gone they’ve covered themselves up and they’re asleep. Most airlines don’t particularly plan their [food] service around the passenger and acclimatisation and time zones crossing.”, reports the Mirror.

Kris, a flight attendant, has some handy tips for those long-haul flights. He suggests skipping the meal on overnight flights and focusing on getting as much sleep as possible.

If your flight isn’t too long, try eating before you board so you can rest once you’re in your seat.

If your flight is really long, they might serve more than one meal. So, get as much sleep as you can early on.

By the time breakfast is served, you’ll be ready to eat and have energy when you land.

Your seat choice can also help you get more sleep. Kris says choosing a window or aisle seat could give you extra room or a place to rest your head, making you more comfortable.

Staying fresh on a long flight can be tough, but Kris has some tips. Most people like to brush their teeth when they need to feel fresh.

Washing in any way you can will help you feel better. Some people even put on makeup to feel better.

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