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Patio pleasures by Gurugram-based designer

In the crisp embrace of winter air that envelops North India, Gurugram-based Avenish Jain, co-founder and designer at SPIN, a modern furniture brand, which recently expanded its outdoor furniture offerings, stresses the impact of one’s immediate surroundings on one’s mood and efficiency. This is why he dedicated considerable attention to design-led innovation while crafting his new collection. Following a minimalistic design approach with the use of sustainable materials, the Bistro series includes dining tables, chairs, cushioned sofas, benches, bar stools, high tables, loungers and side tables, packing a comfortable yet stylish punch.

Of the furniture’s many features, the biggest draw is its lightness. Crafted from aluminium, (which is fully recyclable), it has received a powder coating as opposed to the more commonly used liquid one, to ensure it remains rust-free, extends a strong colour payoff and offers superior scratch resistance, enhancing the furniture’s longevity. “Whether the furniture is perched on balconies, placed along the poolside, or laid out under the sun at farmhouses, it compliments different environments,” says Jain, adding, “Bistro exemplifies the fusion of industrial design and engineering, where equal attention has been paid to both artistic elements and technical intricacies.

The outdoor sofas make for sleek placements in their metal frame structures in black, white, taupe or green.

The new line took over a year to develop, surpassing conventional timelines due to the intricacies of the techniques used. For example, the bending machine for precise manipulation of the aluminium tube is instrumental in achieving diverse and refined shapes. “To determine accurate dimensions and tolerance of the metal, several calculations and simulations were undertaken. This aspect has today become unnecessary for many furniture makers, but for us, it ensures that extra measure of quality in matters such as the furniture’s load-bearing capacity, resistance to environmental conditions, and durability,” says Jain, adding, “The furniture uses only two aluminium extrusions; the selection of the tube was a strategic one, optimising both form and function. It also ensured the seamless amalgamation of the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.”

The outdoor sofas make for sleek placements in their metal frame structures in black, white, taupe or green. Complementing this are the cushions in white, off-white, navy blue, yellow, green or orange. The bar stools, however, are one of Jain’s favourites. “Their discreet yet intentional seating curvature ensures maximum comfort for extended hours of sitting. Each stool is in line with our brand’s larger USP: elegant angular silhouettes in neat structural rendering,” he says. Up next will be sectional sofas, bar trolley and canopies, which will be launched in a few months.

When not pouring his heart and soul into furniture making, Jain is travelling. Of the many places he’s visited, Tokyo is his favourite. “The design sensibility of the country is truly remarkable. Their pursuit of excellence and the importance they give to urban design and architecture is exemplary. Add to that, the intrinsic mindfulness they have for people’s needs, a commitment to simplifying and enriching everybody’s lives through design, is something I look up to,” he says with the promise that one day, he will bring the same kind of perfection to Indian shores.

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