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Serving sumptuous suvai

CHENNAI: For the past two years, there has been a buzz during the Margazhi season. One made by the flavourful thanga thambalam that has had many a foodie throng the sabha canteen where Arusuvai Arasu caterers have set shop. With this offering, the famed catering service from Chennai has been giving potential clients a taste of what’s hot on their menu.

The fame and appreciation have been building over the past 75 years. Known for its filter coffee and traditional South Indian dishes, Arusuvai Arasu Pvt Ltd has carved a niche for itself, garnering clients from across India. Recently, they were invited by businessman Mukesh Ambani to serve idlis, dosais, and vadais at the pre-wedding function of Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant. At the grand affair held in Jamnagar, several celebrities from across industries savoured their sumptuous servings.

Riding high on the feat, S Kamesh, director of the venture, walks us through 75 years of dealing with luxury and corporate events, big-scale weddings, and sabha canteens by prioritising guests’ preferences and how they have become experts in crisis management.

“Crisis management is the biggest challenge in the catering industry. You have to satisfy your customer and their guests. Each guest is different. We have to understand what they want and provide that in the best way possible,” says Kamesh, adding that he learnt the skills from his grandfather N Natarajan and father N Sridhar.

Creating a legacy

The catering services gained its name when former president VV Giri at his daughter’s wedding bestowed the founder N Natarajan with the title. Describing the origins of the business Kamesh says, “Arusuvai Arasu was started by my grandfather, N Natarajan, who is from a small town near Kumbakonam. He moved to Chennai from Kumbakonam and worked at the Geeta Cafe on Mount Road. He met former President VV Giri while working there when he was planning his daughter’s wedding. His motivation and well wishes prompted the formation of Arusuvai Arasu. When my grandfather started the business, it was a total of just six-eight employees. They were family members, brothers, and cousins coming together to do the business. The industry was unorganised.”

Now, they have 250-300 employees. Gradually, Natarajan’s elder son, N Kumar, joined the business and introduced North Indian cuisine to the general catering business and South Indian marriage ceremonies in Tamil Nadu. When Natarajan’s second son joined the business, they opted for bigger events including destination weddings and in 2016 Kamesh took over the family legacy. Over the years, Kamesh says, Arusuvai evolved as a brand. “We have done events in Dubai, France, a sit-down leaf service in Bali for a destination wedding, and so on. We have been catering for the Ambani family for almost six-seven years. We are their official catering brand from south India. The association began when we catered for Mukesh Ambani sir’s sister Nina Kothari’s daughter’s wedding,” he shares.

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