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Simon Calder holiday warning as travel expert left ‘very concerned’ | Travel News | Travel

Simon Calder has issued a warning for British holidaymakers and said news of a rise in bed bugs has left him “very concerned”.

Hotels in the UK have seen a 278 percent increase in bed bug outbreaks according to research by an AI insect monitoring company, Spotta.

The team found that 2024 could be the worst year yet for outbreaks with the first three months of the year having five times the number of bed bugs as last year.

Simon said: “I’m very concerned about this new research from Spotta. The recent bed bug outbreaks are deterring some people from taking well-deserved holidays and short breaks.

“Worries about these pesky insects could have a long-term effect on behaviour. And if people decide not to travel because of their fears, it will be highly damaging for an industry which is still recovering from the impact of the pandemic. The hospitality industry, and travel as a whole, needs to tackle the problem swiftly.”

According to research, more than 60 percent of Britons think the hotel industry should be more proactive about their anti-bed bug policies.

Simon added: “It is clear that guests believe hotels have a duty of care – and that the onus is on managers and owners to protect them from bedbugs.

“I have talked to fellow travellers who have actually cancelled trips because they are worried about bites – and also I’ve encountered hotels that are reluctant to talk publicly about their bed bug measures.

“Consumers need to be confident that the property is taking measures to deal with the situation – and are prepared to pay more for hotels that demonstrate their concern about the problem.”

Last year, several social media users shared videos of bed bugs allegedly crawling over public transport seats in Paris.

Telltale signs of bed bugs include blood spots on bedding, bugs or eggs around the corner of a mattress or an unpleasant smell.

Simon’s recommendation

Simon said: “Unfortunately bed bugs are not going away. So it’s vital that consumers get the information – and protection – they need to make confident decisions on where they choose to sleep to ensure a good night’s sleep and peace of mind.

“Don’t let a fear of bed bugs ruin your holiday plans. Just speak to the manager about what preventative measures they have in place before you travel. Good hotels will be willing to share this information with guests and reassure them.”

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