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The beautiful little city so pretty it looks like one giant fairytale castle | Travel News | Travel

Whether you’re fed up with the busy city life or you’re just looking for a history-packed escape, a charismatic hilltop city in the south of France should be on your radar.

With a population of 45,996 people, Carcassonne is a melting pot of culture, sights and good food.

Built on the ruins of an old Roman fortress, the original settlements at the foot of the city were destroyed, which prompted King St Louis to authorise the local inhabitants to build a new town back in 1245.

Now home to a stunning fairytale castle perched on a hill, the centre of Carcassonne will invite you to wander and explore some of the best-preserved medieval ensembles in the world.

Apart from the charming architecture, the castle has a rampart walk, a lapidary museum and a model of the city to admire.

You can visit the castle that could easily be a home to a Disney princess for just 11 euros or for free if you’re under 26, according to the Tourist Office of Carcassonne.

But that’s not all Carcassonne has to offer. The location is also renowned across the globe thanks to its two UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The first one is the Medieval City with its 52 towers and the second is the Canal du Midi which snakes among vineyards.

A large part of the Medieval City can be visited freely so you can soak up the history and atmosphere without straining your wallet.

If you’re travelling with children or just fancy your hand at something different, the heart of the Medieval City hides a Medieval Camp.

This lively place offers activities, workshops and demonstrations of various medieval arts.

As you’re strolling through the cobbled streets, you might feel like you’ve seen this place before.

And that’s because Carcassonne is also a popular filming location, with some of its titles including the action-packed Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

If you plan your visit to this historical place for summer months, you can even catch Festival de Carcassonne which takes place between June and August and combines theatre, circus, opera, classical music, dance and concerts, according to Explore France.

There’s plenty of history and culture to be enjoyed in the beautiful city, but it’s also just a stone’s throw from enthusiastic wine producers who are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with visitors.

And with a Michelin restaurant hidden in the centre, even fans of good food will enjoy a visit to Carcassonne.

What’s more, the medieval location is just two hours away from London on a plane and you can currently bag return tickets under 40 pounds on Ryanair.

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