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The beautiful little seaside town on one of Europe’s prettiest islands | Europe | Travel

This beautiful little seaside town on one of Europe’s prettiest islands makes for the perfect getaway.

Hvar in Croatia is constantly named as one of the most beautiful islands in Europe – being named one of the continent’s “most desirable” to visit in 2024 by travel blog Wanderlust.

The town is best known for its mix of Mediterranean nature and rich cultural and historical heritage while remaining friendly to tourists.

Its tourism board says “true hedonism” is present on the island harking back to the time of “sumptuous Roman villas, springing from the walls or Renaissance summer houses”.

The town even lays claim to being the place where organised European tourism began, with the first group arriving in 1868.

The town features a 15th century square at its heart, which was initially a deep bay filled with rocks but is now packed with delightful bars and historic architecture.

One of Hvar’s most famous attractions is the summerhouse of Hanibal Lucić, built in the 16th century the building features two houses and a spacious garden and is home to the Hvar Heritage Museum.

It also has a breathtaking fortress built in 1278 when Hvar came under Venetian rule, it has been rebuilt numerous times, most recently in 1579 when its gunpowder depot exploded.

The island has six official UNESCO cultural heritage items, these include the Stari Grad Plain, the Following the Cross procession which takes place through the night on Maundy Thursday and Hvar Lace which is a special traditional skill practised and made only by nuns in the town’s Benedictine monastery more than 130 years ago.

The other UNESCO heritage items in Hvar are its diet of fresh fish, seafood, homegrown fruit and vegetables accompanied by wine, Klapa singing, a type of singing unique to the island and the dry stone city walls.

Art lovers will find plenty to marvel at in the town’s Gallery of Modern Art, which features the work of Croatian fine artists from the 1950s when avant garde art was born, along with Hanibal Lucić’s collection located in the Benedictine monastery.

Those wishing to visit Hvar can book a return flight to Split for around £150 with Lufthansa from London Heathrow, from there travellers will need to take the ferry to Hvar.

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