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The best country to visit in 2024 is also one of the world’s least touristy destinations | Travel News | Travel

Tourists who want to truly get off the beaten track can head out to the countryside to spend a night with a nomadic family. Mongolia has one of the world’s last surviving nomadic cultures.

Visitors can stay in a traditional nomadic yurt and a taste of traditional herding life. Nothing goes to waste as a nomad, so expect to sample mutton and fermented mare’s milk.

One of the world’s most remote places, Mongolia’s Gobi Desert is an incredible destination for stargazing.

The Gobi Desert is an unforgiving environment and tourists should plan appropriately to visit. It’s best to travel with an experienced guide.

Mongolia’s traditional festivals are world-renowned and it’s a good idea to time a visit with one of the big ones. The Spring Eagle Hunting Festival is held in March while Naadam, a three day sporting competition, occurs in July.

Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar blends history and modernity, but tourists should be aware it’s the world’s coldest capital city and pack appropriately.

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