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The Dyson Ball Animal Vacuum Is $100 Off Right Now

“This is the most amazing animal hair vacuum I have ever had. With 4 dogs and 3 cats, I really need that power. The width of the beater bar is smaller than past versions and it concentrates the suction even more. It is almost difficult to push on some carpeting due to the fantastic suction, but you are buying this to be an wonderful vacuum. I would highly recommend this product” — Dave Purcell

“After meticulous research and deliberation, I finally decided to invest in the Dyson Animal 3 Upright Vacuum. I’ll be honest, the mixed reviews had me hesitant, but after weighing the options, I took the plunge, and boy, am I glad I did.
Let’s address the elephant in the room: thick carpets. Numerous reviews warned against its efficacy on plush carpets, but I’m thrilled to report that I’ve encountered zero issues with my shaggy, thick rugs. The Dyson Animal 3 glides effortlessly, thanks to its versatile carpet settings. Simply adjust the settings and let it do its magic.
One of my past gripes with Dyson vacuums was their ball mechanism, which tended to veer off-course. However, the Animal 3′s swivel mechanism strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and stability. It maintains a straight trajectory while still offering easy maneuverability around obstacles.
Now, onto the pros. The suction power is unparalleled, effortlessly tackling dirt, pet hair, and debris with ease. The rotating brush does an impeccable job of clearing hair, sparing me the hassle of manually detangling it—a game-changer for pet owners like myself. And let’s not forget the stair tool, a seemingly small accessory that has revolutionized my staircase cleaning routine. No more awkward lifting or strained backs—this little tool does wonders.” — Ysf (This review was edited for length. Read the full review.)

“We were Very impressed with the suction and power but best of all is the adjustable heights! Wow, our last Dyson didn’t have that feature and it makes a huge difference going from different thicknesses and area rugs. 10+ years on our old one which still works fine and we’ll use it in the basement. The Animal is incredible and the wife, 2 pets have long hair and this roller stays clear. Great product, worth the high tag!” — Include the details

“I have had a Dyson since the beginning before they were the known as must have the vacuums. I have pets and own a Dyson cordless Pet except quickly found out unless if you live in a house with no carpet, only have 500 square feet to clean, it’s going to take you 2 days since you’ll need to stop, plug-in and recharge the lithium battery as well you’ll have to dump out the very small canister 2-3 times. I got tired of that real quick and ordered the new Dyson Pet Ball. I needed something that I could do all my vacuuming at once, I love the fact that all the attachments came with it and they attach directly to the vacuum, a 15-20ft strong cord, and has the ability to change the lentgth of the carpet. First time vacuuming the living room with it I had a full container, as a pet owner with a large dog, two cats, and a toddler it has been nice owning both but understand that isn’t super realistic for most people. The cordless pet is great for hardwood floors and tile, stairs and baseboards, the car, and it’s super easy to pull out quickly for surface cleaning but The traditional Dyson Animal Ball is what you need when you really need to deep clean and vacuum everything and not have to worry about the battery dying. Dyson’s are not cheap and understand that most people can’t afford to own both so of I had to choose one over another I would spend my money on the tradition Dyson Animal Ball that plugs in, you get everything that the cordless provides you except it is a little more bulky to lug around and makes stairs , and baseboards a pain but you get double the suction power all the time.” — Jaymi (This review was edited for length. Read the full review.)

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