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The popular holiday destination with a new tourist tax in 2024 | Travel News | Travel

Iceland is fast becoming one of the world’s leading tourist destinations and the Land of Fire and Ice has just brought back its tourist tax for 2024.

The tourist tax was suspended during the pandemic but was brought back on January 1, 2024.

The tax applies to every tourist and varies depending on the style of accommodation or holiday.

Hotels and guesthouses cost tourists ISK 600 (£3.46), campsites and mobile homes cost ISK 300 (£1.73) while cruise tourists pay ISK 1,000 (£5.77).

Money raised from the tax will be used to fund sustainability initiatives and reduce the environmental impact of tourism.

It’s estimated that over two million tourists visited Iceland in 2023, a big rise on the previous year.

The country attracts tourists looking to explore nature and has also been named the world’s safest country in the Global Peace Index since 2008.

However, there are concerns that overtourism could damage the country’s delicate ecosystem.

Despite this, some in the travel industry are concerned that a tax could put people off visiting a destination that’s already known as an expensive hotspot.

While Iceland’s tax could put some travellers off, it’s fairly inexpensive compared to some other top European destinations.

Amsterdam has one of the world’s highest tourist taxes, with travellers paying a 12.5 percent tax of their accommodation cost.

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