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This chef offers Japanese food with a Californian twist in Delhi

Inspired by the traditional izakaya restaurants in Japan, customers can embark on a journey to the buzzing alleyways of Tokyo.

Chef Myers travels across Japan and a deep connection to its culinary heritage shines through in every dish. The menu showcases pristine ingredients, traditional techniques, and signature Californian influence, resulting in a truly unique and unforgettable dining experience.

Sourcing ingredients include seafood, certain meats, various soy sauces used in dishes, and even items like wasabi and local ingredients such as vegetables sourced from nearby farms or Japanese micro herbs.

He says, “Sustainability and ethical sourcing are cornerstones of my philosophy. ADRIFT menus, like Kaya’s modern Japanese izakaya, reflect this. We use seasonal, local ingredients sourced from responsible farmers, supporting local communities while minimizing our carbon footprint.”

David draws inspiration from the mesmerizing laneways of Tokyo and the ancient culinary craft showcased in kitchens throughout Japan by preparing exquisite dishes. Signature dishes include Sushi made with Chutoro, uni, Oscietra Caviar, and Gold Leaf Nigiri, and traditional Japanese ‘tsumami’ selection of mushroom gyoza, vegetable tempura and chicken tsukune with onsen egg to name a few.

Tempura is a light and airy batter that encases seasonal vegetables and succulent shrimp, fried to a golden crunch. Each bite bursts with contrasting textures, the delicate shell yielding perfectly cooked treasures within. A savory dashi-infused dipping sauce adds depth, making this a modern take on a timeless classic.

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