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Tourist slams Paris as ‘filthy and full of con artists’ | Travel News | Travel

If you’re British then the famous cities of Europe can be so tempting to visit given their often close proximity and tourism highlights.

But tourists have been slamming many of them on a website where a user posed a probing question on which places were the “least enjoyable” on the continent.

They Reddit user asked: “Which European city did you have the least enjoyable experience in, and what were the reasons for it?”

And they were given plenty of answers – some more shocking than others.

First to get an absolute bashing was France’s capital city Paris.

One user fumed: “Paris. Absolutely filthy. And I mean like unimaginably dirty even by our standards. Lots and lots of crime very visible all around in the form of pick pockets and con artists. Very expensive and the Parisians generally were pretty rude.”

And they didn’t stop there when slating the city of love and romance – which features one of the world’s most iconic structures, the Eiffel Tower.

They added: “At least when you go to the nicer bits of London for food the area tends to be quite nice to match the outrageous prices.”

The angry anti Paris rant came as Magdalena Petrusic, a travel expert from Colosseum Tours & Tickets, revealed a sinister taxi scam that’s taking place at Charles de Gaulle Airport, France.

The tour specialist said that it often occurs when a taxi driver takes longer routes or claims their meter is broken, resulting in a higher fare than initially explained.

Another angry Reddit user took aim at the beautiful capital of Belgium, Brussels.

They said: “Brussels. I went at the wrong time of year and it was dirty, poorly maintained, indifferent food and outside of the tourist areas had a pretty grim vibe – definite air of menace.”

The shocking answers didn’t stop there with another user picking out one of Italy’s most famous cities – the birthplace of pizza.

They said: “Naples. It felt unsafe even during the day, with people on the street hassling everyone to buy their stuff.

“Trains were randomly cancelled, or there was a strike. Public toilets absolutely foul, wherever you go.”

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