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Turkey’s ‘secluded’ beach island is a ‘peaceful oasis’ | Travel News | Travel

Located across the Gulf of Fethiye in Turkey is Sovalye (Şövalye) Island, also known as Knight Island. The quiet island is described as a “peaceful oasis” by luxury Turkish hotel brand Liberty Hotels and Resorts, thanks to its lack of roads.

If you are looking to enjoy a completely uninterrupted day by the sea, the island is recommended by the hotel chain as one of the ultimate tranquil beach destinations in the country.

“With its natural, pristine beaches and tranquil ambience, the enchanting Sovalye Island is a true spectacle if you’re looking to escape the bustle of modern life and immerse yourself in a peaceful oasis,” commented a Liberty Hotels and Resorts spokesperson.

“You won’t be interrupted by the sound of engines on this island, thanks to its road-free design, making it the perfect place for walkers and those who want a day filled with hiking and exploring in a tropical environment.”

The island has played a very special role in the geography of the region, protecting Fethiye Harbour for many years. Sovalye Island, meaning “Knight Island” takes its name from the Rhodian knights who guarded the area in the 15th century.

Even now, remains of a Rhodian castle can still be seen on the island. Visitors can access the island by taxi boats which run from Fethiye centre and Çalış Beach which run throughout the day during the summer months.

The island is just 1.5 miles from the mainland and is perfect for a quiet day looking out to sea.

If you want to explore the various beaches on the island, there are multiple walking routes scattered throughout. Sovalye is also known for its waterfront restaurants.

“The various waterfront restaurants allow you to extend your visit into an all-day trip, so you can dive into ancient underwater caves and secluded beaches before treating yourself and your loved ones to delicious cuisine, including fresh octopus and tender lamb dishes,” said a Liberty Hotels and Resorts spokesperson.

If you’d like to stay on the island, Sovalye Hotel offers a private beach with free sun loungers and parasols. The hotel has a seafront location, and all rooms have sea views.

The hotel has been highly rated by previous guests, scoring a 9.6 rating on

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