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UK’s ‘most beautiful’ seaside town also has the ‘prettiest’ beach in England | Travel News | Travel

Weymouth is a charming seaside town on the southern coast of Dorset, England that overlooks the English Channel and is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a beach holiday without travelling hundreds of miles. 

This small town is a breathtaking sight with its colourful historic homes lined up next to the picturesque harbour and its golden beach, which is one of the most highly rated beaches in Europe, according to Trip Advisor. 

Weymouth has also been described as one of the “most beautiful small towns in the UK” by CN Traveler and named the beach of the year by The Times, who described the sandy shores as having the “prettiest urban backdrop to any beach in the country.”

Jane Biscombe, a town clerk in Weymouth, told The Times: “Weymouth has everything you need. It has lifeguards; crystal-clear waters; a wide, sandy beach; shallow waters that are safe for the kids; toilets, showers, free drinking water; deckchairs and sunloungers; donkeys, beach volleyball courts, a dog area, and a place where you can borrow buckets and spades.

“The council also runs special events including fireworks, funfairs and sports festivals. It’s an amazing place.”

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Weymouth first became a popular holiday destination historically thanks to George III, who first visited the area in 1789 and the town quickly became the most fashionable place for Georgian nobility to take holidays. 

The town is well known for its elegant Georgian historical homes on the seafront and was even a popular destination amongst the Victorians, as Queen Victoria built the colourful Jubilee Clock Tower in Weymouth to celebrate 50 years on the throne. 

The clock was built in 1887 to overlook the promenade and entrance and stands 40 feet tall, making it an iconic landmark of the town. 

Weymouth Beach is also famous for its donkey rides, vibrant funfair and Punch and Judy puppet shows which are performed during the summer seasons. 

It is also a popular place for artists to create magnificent sand sculptures and is often considered a highlight to explore for most tourists in the area. 

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However, what makes Weymouth unique is that it is the gateway town to the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site recognised for its geological significance which dates back millions of years and its stunning natural beauty thanks to its remarkable coastal cliffs. 

Visitors should take a ride on the Jurassic Skyline which shows incredible views of the Jurassic Coast, as well as the surrounding beaches and countryside..

There is also the SEA LIFE Adventure Park where visitors can explore the local area’s vast variety of marine creatures, and have the chance to see seals, turtles, sharks and all sorts of interesting exhibitions. 

Weymouth is also known for fun festivals which range from food fairs, sporting events and music concerts which means it is a great place to visit throughout the year. 

One of the most famous festivals is the Wessex Folk Festival, the biggest free festival in the UK where there will be concerts, Morris dancing, workshops and stalls selling food, clothes and jewellery with a “folkly vibe.” 

No matter when you visit, there is plenty to explore in Weymouth as there are always events happening, but its beauty, historic charm and natural beauty makes it a classic spot to have a staycation. 

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